SEMR, a road equipments testing centre

publié le 1er février 2008 (modifié le 23 janvier 2017)

SEMR, state-of-the-art organism of the Scientific and Technical Network

The SEMR is a specialized centre of the Scientific and technical Network. The quality of its experts allows it to carry out or to take an active part in activities such as :

  • Applied research and research and development operation,
  • Regulations test,
  • Making the know-how and standardization in building, maintenance and exploitation, road equipments and methods.

The SEMR is a member of the team « road making sites technologies and equipments » ; it works with other members of the Scientific and Technical Network, with the central departments of the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning, and with road equipments users and manufacturers.

La SEMR vue du ciel

The SEMR has high tests methods, especially through its eight tests beds or testing platform.

>> More details on tests beds

Taking part in research and innovation operations

The SEMR is leading researches on equipment, in real and in working conditions. The SEMR takes part in the building site execution and the implementation of methods, innovative and assure technical assistance and the expertness of some particular working site, in France and abroad.

Partner to lead tests at fixed position or in situ

In order to satisfy requirements for contractors and supervisors of works, the SEMR advises its experience and realizes, for companies, some regulations tests on road equipments to works making.
The SEMR can also bring its experience and its facilities to equipments manufacturer and companies in order to realize particulars studies or researches and development actions.